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Build/Sell NN10s

Great News!  We have been surprised and delighted that only days after publishing our new site here we received an email from Ian Thomson at Nestaway Boats Ltd in the UK. As far as we know, our two companies are the only ones in the world commercially producing nesting dinghies at this time. With complementary products, what could make more sense than working together?  Click on the link on the left for details.

We look forward to this being only the first of several productive agreements with builders in other market areas around the world.

The Future for the NN10
 and NestingLite Dinghies

From the above you can see our first exploration of another idea adopted from Barry Niccolls, the original designer and builder of the NN10.   We are actively looking for companies interested in building and distributing the NN10-III nesting dinghy in any of the major sailing/cruising areas around the world, including our present location.

The worldwide cruising community is growing as more people retire early, take sabbaticals from their careers and simply just live longer and in better health.  This provides opportunities for businesses catering to the cruiser’s needs.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the detail page for our kits, the high cost of shipping a bulky item like the nesting dinghy dramatically increases our price in distant markets. To sell a labour intensive product for a competitive price in high labour cost market areas, there are only two choices: have the boat built in large quantities in a country with very low labour costs and container ship in bulk, or build them as close as possible to identifiable market areas to minimize shipping costs.

In North America, some of those areas are obvious, like Florida, NE US, Great Lakes basin, Pacific NW and southern California.  Internationally, New Zealand/Australia springs to mind, and I find Panama very intriguing, as well as the Pacific coast of Mexico, for the completely selfish reason that we keep our 37 ft cutter, Hearts Content, in Mazatlan right now.

If you have a business that is building with fiberglass, adding the NN10 or related products as we develop them, is a simple way to add a unique and successful item to your line.

If you are currently a distributor of products or services related to cruising but don’t build in fibreglass, add the NN10 to your business by contracting the fibreglass construction out to a local custom shop and finish the assembly in house (as we do at present here in Delta, BC).

 We can provide either a professional set of moulds or plugs.  So, if you wish, you can make your own moulds to fit your production methods and reduce shipping costs for the tooling.  We also provide a complete set of parts lists, patterns and drawings for the ancillary parts, on site training and collaboration to get you producing in a very short period of time.  Our internet site will help identify and direct customers in your area to you as the local supplier.

We are looking for just one builder/distributor in each market area.  The size of the area more or less defines itself by the cost of shipping and allows the builder to set pricing based on the local production/assembly costs.

Give us a call or email if you agree that this has potential and wish to discuss details.

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