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Item: NN10-III Nesting Dinghy

Price assembled: $2,699.00                     Kit: $2,499.00

Description: Two part nesting dinghy with hulls and full liners of fiberglass hand layup construction.  Liners are bonded to the hulls and have moulded non-skid in step areas and seat tops where there is also additional roving and other structural materials to increase rigidity. Bow and stern sections float independently allowing the tender to be deployed from the mother ship separately and joined in the water.  Four large plastic screw connectors connect the two sections to make a 10 foot dinghy which rows like a dream, or can be powered with a light, easy to handle 2-3 hp outboard.   The through bolted stainless double bow-eye fitting allows the dinghy to be towed when necessary.  Built-in daggerboard well & mast step, stainless rudder pintles and other sailing hardware are included so that later purchase of the sail option does not require modification or additional fittings to be installed. Built-in foam flotation makes the dinghy unsinkable and along with sealed air chambers, exceeds USCG and Transport Canada requirements.

Bootstripe accent colour can be selected at time of order. [see colours here]

Options: Foredeck with hatch, Bumperplus flotation collar.  [details here]

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