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Item: Sail/Mast Stowage Bag

Price: $89.95

Compact storage and protection for mast, boom and sails. Match it to your NN10 or sail accent colours.  [see colours here]

Mast sections and boom slide into one pocket, main and jib roll up together and slip into the adjoining pocket.  Keeps your NN10 sailing gear neatly stowed together and easy to find in the catch-all quarterberth, forecastle or under the saloon settee. Made of the same rugged 6.5 oz PVC coated fabric as our sails.

Item: Foredeck with Watertight Hatch

Price: $495.00

Fibreglass panel covers the space between the mast step seat and the bow seat. A 10-3/4 x 15 inch(approx 8 x 12 inch opening)watertight hatch with cam latch allows access to this dry stowage space. It also reduces the amount of water that can be shipped in the bow section in rough or wet weather, or while being towed, keeping the boat from plowing.


Item: BumperPlus Flotation Collar

Price: $475.00

A good compromise for those who feel they need additional stabiity without creating additional drag when heeled. Collar also reduces the potential for noise and damage when you have the dinghy rafted alongside the big boat.  Flexible, closed cell foam flotation tubes, 4 inches in diameter are enclosed in a very tough 18 oz PVC coated fabric to withstand  harsh UV and scuffing on docks and pilings. A flexible PVC spline is sewn into the fabric cover along the seam.  This slides into a slotted channel fastened under the outside of the gunwale. The collar section lengths allow disconnecting the two parts of the dinghy without removing the collars.  Note:  Collars are not intended to replace the USCG requirement for built-in flotation!

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