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Specs, Drawings, etc:

LOA, assembled:  10 ft, 2 inches (3.1m)

Beam:  53 inches (1.3m)

LOA, nested: 68 inches (1.7m)

Height, max, nested: 20 inches (51cm)

Weight, total: 96 lbs (44 kg)
             bow section: 38 lbs (17 kg)
             aft section: 58 lbs (27 kg)

Capacity:  600 lbs (273 kg)

Engine capacity: 2-4 hp *Note: larger outboard may require operator to sit farther forward
                                           and use tiller extension to balance the weight (large object like teen
                                           crewmember can also be placed forward for the same purpose

Flotation: rigid styrofoam in daggerboard seat and mast step seat.  Bow and stern seats are
                 sealed air chambers.

Construction:  hand layup fibreglass mat and woven roving in hull, additional coremat in
transom for outboard motor mount.  Fibreglass liners have additional roving and coremat in
seat tops and moulded nonskid step areas.  Liners are bonded to hulls at all points of contact.

PLEASE NOTE: The following drawings were made for the original NN10.  Dimensions and features are nearly identical but the drawings are not an exact representation of the NN10-II and NN10-III models. There are also a few minor inaccuracies including the following:

    - The four threaded plugs or connectors that fasten the two sections of the dinghy together are actually 2-1/4 inch diameter with a hexagonal head 3 inches across the flats, which is why they are easy to turn in and remove by hand

    - The small roughly triangular bow seat is at the same height as the other seats with the double bow eye fitting just above it.  This places the outer eye quite high on the stem of the dinghy to keep the towing angle flat and the dinghy tracking beautifully with itís full length keel always in the water.

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